The Genesis – Introduction

A typical patriot, a lover of talk radio, has as obsession on politics and the global state of affairs – Michaelson Gumede is a Journalism student at Boston Media House in Pretoria. He holds the sport of soccer close to his heart, regardless; he always has his nose on the ground for groundbreaking stories.

Michaelson is a sports writer for The Daily Vox, and a contributing writer for On The Line Media. He wrote for Tshwane Youth Magazine in 2014, focusing on sports and politics. Other experiences include interning at Barberton Times and Government Communication Information System.

Morally, Michaelson believes that being humble and always willing to learn should be the order of the day.

In the crippled state that our economy is in, the state of affairs in Parliament, the dark cloud hanging over our Number One. The shenanigans surrounding government entities, and the stand alone Nkandla, or “Nkaaaaandla”, if you like.

From who will succeed Jacob Zuma, to who will be the next Doctor Khumalo. From the mouse plagued Alexandra, to the absent textbooks in Limpopo, all the way to Moses Kotane’s grave, and rewinding the years to Mandela’s 27 in Robin Island.

From Prasa’s Spanish speaking trains, to 36 000 ghost workers in the North West that are worth R19-billion. From Megawatt Park to The Union Buildings, all the way down to Marikana and the infamous Eldorado Park streets.

Police brutality and police suffering the same fate from criminals. The 1000+ OVL teenage gang in Etwatwa, all the way to Pochefstroom and the Springboks’ transformation, or lack of.

Not forgetting those that eat grass, snakes, mice, and clothes – also, Africa’s greatest discovery yet, Homonaledi – patriots, courtesy of WordPress, I bring you all these and more in discussion and analysis, on a point of order.

Michaelson Gumede
Michaelson Gumede 

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